Emotional Healing

Healing Through Belly Dance Therapy

Belly Dance Therapy is also known as Dance Movement Therapy, a therapeutic use of movement and dance and used to improve emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical conditions. The basis of Dance therapy is formulated with the concept that the mind and body are connected.

Emotional Healing

Cultures across the globe have considered that dance has healing power whereas it is only in recent years that western cultures have considered it to possibly relieve stress. For years we accepted dance as just something to do, an activity with others, perhaps for competitive purposes or purely for self satisfaction. Our western societies have been slow to recognize its total worth and healing qualities.

How does belly dance help heal the mind?

Women (of all ages, shapes and sizes) have found that belly dancing is a genuinely useful way of improving ones creativity, femininity and self-esteem. Belly dancing can also play a role in releasing ones emotional health and many belly dancers have found that belly dance acts as therapy for them in helping them to deal with:

• Breast cancer surgery – feel beautiful again.
• Bulimia – focus on the benefits of dance and nutrition
• Rape and/or sexual abuse – feel whole again and worthy of respect
• Sleep disorders
• Incontinence – muscle control
• Arthritis – movements with ease
• Mental health/seasonal disorders
• Migraine/headaches

Getting involved with belly dance therapy:

Most communities have a belly dancing teacher. Chose an instructor that has had years of experience, perhaps familiar with various health issues and have ways of counteracting the onset of various conditions without drugs.

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