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Melek has a great appreciation for a wide range of music and dance coming from a family of musicians, her grandmother was a solo lst sopranoist and her father was a tenor and classical guitarist who studied under the great classical flamenco guitarist, Andres Torres Segovia in the 50s and her mother was a classical pianist who enjoyed Chopin's compositions. Melek was trained as a lst soprano singer but decided to develop her deep passion for belly dancing, some of the movements she learned when she was a child..

A seasoned performer and instructor of belly dancing since the 70s, she undoubtedly passes on her experiences and talents to her students. Melek has pursued many forms of belly dancing and incorporates some of the various movements in her teaching, but she says the Turkish belly dance is her forte as it is far more feminine and sensual.

Melek believes in teaching every aspect of the art of belly dancing that her students can absorb. She also encourages each student to move from within her own soul, this way her movements are fluid and not rigid and is far more appealing to her audience. At the same time as performing in a professional manner for her audience, it is important for the student/dancer to reflect her inner joy. The dance then becomes exciting and extremely beautiful.

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